Infrared Zone Heaters & Air Purification Products

Don’t settle for just any old heater this winter. Get more bang for your buck by buying your infrared zone heater from today! See the models we use and recommend.

As indoor air quality specialists, we believe that you should do more than just heat your air – you should also treat it at the same time. The next heater that you purchase should not only keep you warm, but should be one that can humidify the dry air and purify it to reduce mold, bacteria and viruses (even on surfaces) in the space it is running. Imagine having your heated air equipped with scrubbing agents – warming and cleaning at the same time!

Safety is of utmost concern when using space/zone heaters. The cool to the touch technology of these infrared zone heaters helps give you peace of mind when running the unit around the kids or grandkids. No matter where they touch the heater (even on the front grill) it will not burn them.

Cats and dogs are not a worry with these infrared zone heaters. The tip over safety switch helps ensure the heater will shut off should your dog or cat knock it over.

These infrared heaters are very energy efficient especially over previous heater types (oil filled, quartz, etc.) When used in combination with a reduction of your homes thermostat setting, you should be able to reduce your heating costs. Instead of trying to keep the whole house at 68 degrees, you can turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees and use the heater to warm the area you are in the most (living room, bedroom, den) for example.

No more worries about tripping circuit breakers. Variable settings on our heaters allow you to manage your power use more effectively, even if you only have 15 amps available.  We should know…we use one in our Carriage 5th Wheel RV when we travel!

We are not just a heater site anymore!  We now carry state of the art Indoor Air Quality Products also!

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